Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Lotus Festival

Thinking about the Lotus Festival lately and thought about this song. Back in '07, I was coming out of The Vintage Pheonix (my fave comic store in B-town) and started strolling towards the library when this distinct reggae ryhthm stopped me in my tracks. It resounded down the whole block. Then I heard this soft spoken slightly raspy voice start singin' the song below. It's not a cheery song at all, but it's great hearing it live. Here's a few links too if your interested in the festival, Vintage Pheonix, or Taj. (Cara Dillon, The Horseflies, Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo -I would like to say WOW on what I heard from the site-, Kinobe & Soul Beat Africa, Los de Abajo, Parno Graszt (white horse in Romani, can we say awesome gypsy music?), Rupa and the April Fishes (best video from the list of artists), and tons more. The great thing about Lotus is that you learn about all these artists you would not normally ever hear about. (their web site isn't as great as the actual store at all, but I listed it anyway.)


Looked out of my window and into the street got no money in my pocket no food to eat cry out for a hand but no one will hear this be my burden lord then I shall bear

hurts me I hate it this is my life hurts me I hate it I’ll pay the price

pockets of hope a suitcase of dreamsmy only redemption from life it seems strumming so hard hope wears thin my dreams are worn by the cold night wind

bow abide in strength relieve me arches sorely grieve me bow abide in strength relieve me archers everywhere

two lights are gleaming in the cold Rasta hesitates which way to goone is a cottage lantern the other a ray my destiny seems a million miles away

bow abide in strength relieve me archers sorely grieve me bow abide in strength relieve me archers everywhere

by Taj Weeks and Adowa