Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Stumbling Upon

I'm struggling to find the words to create an introduction to the reason for this instant sharing I'm wanting to do with this song. While listening to Pandora, I came across this very song that stopped me in my tracks and it struck a chord within me. I'll be having an actual update soon. One is in the works, and I should have it out by tomorrow. Till, then.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sea/Space Creatures- Art

   Last week, I finally took some time to sketch. I allowed myself an hour to just come up with something and draw it. I've been in a space mood with all the DS9 I've been watching (going through the whole series on Netflicks.) Here are two pages of sketches I did. I hope to make more time for my art, and in turn, share more with the world. Balancing all my loves is hard, but I'm willing to work on it. Hey, blogging two weeks in a row should show how I'm trying to achieve my goal. ;) 

This was where I first wandered into, aquatic alien territory. o.O
I tried using my imagination a bit, then started thinking about
 all the crazy creatures in the deep. I wanted to incorporate more
of a strange oceanic creature feel to the guy,
so I went to studying the very creatures I wanted to present.
 I still need to finish the guy, but here's where I'm at so far.  

Here are some of my little studies. My favorite has to be the vipor fish on the bottom right. I think when I finish the concept for the space creature, he'll have more characteristics of the realy strange sea slug above the aformentioned fish.