Friday, July 17, 2009

The Worlds Tallest Totem Pole

So yesterday I went on a little geocaching tour of southern Cowlitz County. My friend Kyle and I hit caches from southern Longview to Woodland.. hitting everyone in Woodland and finally doing one I've been wanting to do for months in Kalama. These are some pics I took along the trip.

Southern Cowlitz County is kind of a farming area. Especially in Woodland you find alot of berry farms and such. Reminds me back home in our country areas.

Out of all the pictures I took that day this one is my favorite. I think I got a good mix of some cool colors that contrast against the reddish browns and the warm glow fo the setting sun.

This is looking over by the Port of Kalama. A very busy and well known port in our area.

Another picture looking over the Columbia River.

This, my friends, is the world's largest totem pole. *hears gasps* I know impressive isn't it? ;)

One of my favorite designs on the totem pole.

I like this fish as well.

Another fish.

This is some farmland in Woodland very close to a geocache! :)

Some sweet peas and a form of dill... I think.

This is a really old log book! This log was all filled out after Kyle and I signed our names. We left another log in there for more cachers to sign in.. This cache originally was posted in 2003. Alot of people have visited this since then.

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  1. cool pics! Looks like some fun geocaching. Cache on!