Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Day At the Beach

This weekend I made a trip to Cannon Beach ,OR  with Kyle for the first time leaving me to wonder why I had waited  so long to ever make it out there before then. We later traveled up to Long Beach, WA enjoying many of the novelties there including some fudge and ice cream (huckleberry cheese cake for me.)

The ocean is such a wonderful place for me. Whenever I smell that fishy salty air, see the rolling and raging waves upon the coast, land my bare feet in the fine grain sand, and place my hands within the chilled Pacific waters, something calls to me and captures my being within it's enchanting grasp. The waves call out a welcome while the cold breeze graces my cheeks with it's cold kiss. I feel welcomed, at peace, and connected to the world at large. Here are a few photos of my trip.

Haystack Rock as I was 1st coming up to it. I found it amazing how beautiful the area is.

The misty lighthouse out on the horizon is Tillamook Rock Lighthouse.

Haystack up close.

Some rocky area before Tillamook Head. I've seen the Northern part of Tillamook Head many times from Seaside. I always wondered what it looked like its Southern side.

Out along a shallow sand embankment that dips semi-deep before being on the beach. There's Kyle heading back. 

What beauty!

After several attempts, I had captured this photo of sandpipers disturbed by the oncoming rush of waves.

After a long time spent upon the beach walking up and down its beautiful coast, we began the trek back to the car. Finding ourselves famished, we began to wander for a place to eat before stumbling upon a coastal favorite of mine. Pig N Pancake. After skimming for some time up and down the menu, my eyes glanced on a unique item called a Razor Clam Burger. I had to order it and am glad I did. It was beyond words how delicious it was and did not lack flavour one bit.

Walking along the streets of Cannon Beach, I found a gallery displaying this painting.

Children creating dams in the receding waters from the Pacific.

A jellyfish holding onto luck in one of those pools of water.

Along our way home, we made a quick stop for something to drink. Upon exiting the car, the bark of sea lions could be heard all around. Before heading back to the vehicle, I had to capture a few in photograph. They were farther out than thought, yet along the docks they can still be made out relaxing in the setting sun.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Overcoming of My Inner Critique

Lately I've been pressing myself to be more expressive artistically. For too long I've let my inner critique overcome my passion. This past week I've been working on a painting. I don't paint much, yet Michael's was having a great deal on canvas and I have been finding a strong desire to dip my brush in paint and see what happens. I've had many ideas in my head and have started several other works, yet this has been the one I have chosen to call finished. I see the imperfections, yet I'm standing back and being happy with what I have accomplished. On Facebook I've been posting a daily photo of where I have been when I've finished for the day. This evening I took the last strokes on the canvas and signed my name. Although painting is suppose to be calming, I initially felt great anxiety. During the formation of the table, flowers, and container, I felt more at ease felling like what I was wanting to convey was beginning to show. I plan to create more finished works as my mind begins to come up with more ideas. There will definitely be some frustration involved, yet I know the more I practice the better I'll be which in turn I hope will lessen the power of the inner critique.