Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Feel Like Paolo Nutini

Yesterday I bought my second pair of running shoes ever. Due to sentimental reasons it was hard to let go of the first ones. The reason they mean something is kind of apparent. They represent a part of the chapter in my healthy/fit lifestyle.  I realised this change is needful after my last run where I left feeling pain in my left foot. The bottoms are starting to wear down and the cushioning I need isn't as predominant anymore. There's been alot of miles put on my trusty shoes that's for sure. I think these new pair will do just fine though. Actually, I was jsut getting ready for my first run in them when I though I should make a post about it.

There's been alot going on in my life. I'll have to post more about it the next chance I get. I'll have alot more photos to share as well. Till next time. Oh, btw there is a link to the video of Paolo Nutini's New Shoes vid down below for your enjoyment.

The old.
The new! They're Adidas which is always a plus I think.

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