Monday, April 13, 2009

Stories and Plant Life

So I have this story that's been in my head for some time. I've been coming up with the story line, the look of the main character, and I finally have a written out beginning and background for the main character... Now I've been thinking of other character creations like the main character's family, the villains, friends, neighbours, etc... I've also thought of the ending... several endings come to mind but one I think would be a good twist.. we'll see.

Once I've charged up my batteries I'll have to post some sketches I've done. I really think this will be a good story and I can't believe I'm the one coming up with it. I just need to come up with a good middle.. hmmm... Will work on. I don't want to post anything yet about the actual story till I feel like there's enough to actually post... but there are more than a few sketches for sure!

In other news, Today I've been enjoying my day off from work. Been running errands and picking up little odds and ends.. I am slowly but surely buying stuff for the patio. We got this place back in June and I really couldn't afford to get a lot for the patio at the time. This year it's gonna look nice. Especially since some family is coming out in June. I love plants. I always have.. so today I bout this lava plant that looks like clover only with this lava orange tint to it, two little plants of lavender (one is english and the other is a spanish variety), 5 elephant ears, 4 echinacea, and 20 glads. The glads I got for only 2.50.

I've been in the garden with my mom since I was born.. I think that's why I've always enjoyed it. My grandpa use to have a rose garden and taught my mom how to garden. Now my mom has taught me. And when I have kids some day it's something I want to teach them. I guess it's a tradition in my family. I never got ot meet my grandpa. He passed 2 years before I was born. So this is at least one thing I have to feel some sort of connection to him.

One early childhood picture of me is with a little toy mower mowing the lawn for my mom.. She tells me this is something I would do all the time.

For all my hard work she'd get me a glass of iced tea. lol

Every summer my family would go out and buy different plants. Some of the main ones I remember are those little orange marigolds, rose moss, alyssum, begonias, petunias, and celosia or as some call it, cockscomb. Cockscomb were one of my favorites because one variety looks like little brains. They're fun to touch also.

I want to bring a little 'back yard' feel the my patio this year.. I bought a japanese maple, some honey suckle, and a few other things before today. I'm wanting to buy some big pots for a veggie garden. Thinking of some lettuces, a tomato plant, carrrots maybe... It'd be cool to get a bean plant too... hmmm, we'll see. I've been drawing up plans so I don't buy too much.. I've already measured the patio out, made a few sketches and concepts.. It get really windy up here so I want to try to get some stuff to help break the wind too so it's not so ruff on the plants. Probably a trellis that goes the whole length of the railing would do well. Maybe some vines, we'll see. When it's all complete I'll post some picks. I think it'll be awesome myself.


  1. You are welcome to help me with my garden. I am trying to figure out where to put specific plants. Oh my pink plant is gone. Someone took it!

  2. That sucks someone took it! I don't mind helping you at all. BTW, I actually like weeding. lol