Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Newbie Cat Owner Kinda Life

So I have two little shadows now. We've still not named them but I thought about posting a few pics. They love to follow me into any room I go to just to be close I guess. It's kind of strange having cats because I really don't understand them. They've been a lot of fun so far.... except for thinking it's OK to poop in other areas than the litter box. I'm trying to remember that their kittens and they make accidents... I just hate that part. I'm also trying to help them learn what is proper. They are learning.

The kitties like to get into everything. They've found lost buttons, strings, among other items, attacked one of my paper cranes I made, have gotten bags out and climbed over any area they can so far. They're little explorers. They are always next to each other and I can't believe how imaginative they are. It's like they make believe attack things too. It's so funny.
They're just learning to purr also. It sounds like a little rumble thats just a little off. Mine started it first but Kyle's is starting to learn.
This is possibly their second favorite thing to do. Sleep.

So I thought I was getting a cat, but I apparently have a bird.
This one loves to sit on my shoulder.

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