Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The World's Largest Egg

So the other day we went on a road trip to The Skye Village. To go to Skye Village from Lexington you go through Winlock. I've never been up there before. Turns out to my suprise Winlock is an actual town! I actually really have a fondness for small towns. My first apartment on my own was in a lil town called Oolitic, IN (pronounced Oh-lit-ick). There wasn't much to it but it wasn't even 2 mins away from an actual city. Bedford. All around the area were little small towns, and I really loved them. Springville being one of my favorites. So going to Winlock brought back some good memories. My camera was starting to die so there are no pictures of the actual town. I wanted to save the batteries for Skye Village. I took a few pictures of the town's most famous thing though...

This is the World's Largest Man Made Egg! lol

PhotobucketIt belongs to this Co op

Skye Village was suppose to have been a Scottish themed town from the local Skye clan. They started building about 10 years ago. For some reason they built a Shell station then stopped building the village...

So now the only thing there is is this Shell station.

This must be their clan's coat of arms I'm guessing... I'm not sure.

Skye Village has some pretty cool views actually. This is what caught my eye when we drove up. My camera didn't pick up on alot of what I saw. It made it look farther away, and it didn't help that it was partly cloudy or dusk either. I still think some of these pictures are cool.

This one is the best pictures I have. I really like it. It's really not something I would see back in Indiana. I wonder if those hills have a name... hmmm
It's amazing how clouds can hide so much of the surroundings out here.

This last one is actually a cloud... but it looks mountainous doesn't it?

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