Friday, May 14, 2010

Trojan Park

Back in March, Kyle and I took a ride over to Trojan Park in Oregon to go exploring.  We've been to Trojan several times, but never as deep as this forgotten area that makes one feel as though they've steped through some kind of  1980's "after humans" time demention.  I felt like a kid again since I lived in the 80's and haven't seen structures in this fashion in quite a while. 

                           As Kyle went to hide a geocache, I took a moment to sit and absorb my surroundings.

I noticed an outdoor kitchen and had to go take a look. It had cutting boards, counters, sinks, and stoves all still there waiting to be used again.
One aspect I liked about this old area is the use of simple shapes everywhere. 
This wall looks like it would be fun to swing from.

Old broken benches
I took a few photos in color, but I really think the black and white look better.  The concrete walls are really worn down, but you can tell they once were suppose to look like they were made out of wood.
An old sitting area. 
I took this far away picture of Kyle as I was trying to get a good one of the outdoor kitchen structures.

Out along the parking lot a train came screaming down the rail.
Old horse shoe throwing area.
As we left the park, I glanced over and saw a herron in the middle of a fishing pond still used.  It was a nice day for exploration and can't wait till I get to go out there again.

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  1. I like the black and white ones best too. I need to explore that park a lot more I think.