Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Quick Note

There is more to come soon than these 2 prev. posts! I plan on blogging about several new things going on in the coming weeks. My friend Therese encouraged me to keep on writing and I said I'd be better on updating it. Well, so much for that so far but I hope to share some interesting things soon. Take care till then.

Back Home Again In Indiana: Sight Seeing

While in Indiana, I focused most of my time just being in familiar territory and enjoying quality time. I did manage to take a few photos of things like our trip to Indianapolis. I didn't want to flood my blog with all of my photos though, so I've tried to select a few. Also, I've posted a few videos but the video wouldn't work so I placed links instead on my Youtube channel.

The Johnson Creamery smokestack along the B-Line Trail. An iconic place in Bloomington, IN.

The Bloomington Courthouse: the MOST iconic place in Bloomington.

A fountain at 3rd St Park.
Part of a mosaic at the bottom of the fountain.
A video taken from the 17th annual Lotus Festival in Bloomington. I spent time walking about remembering the last time I was at the park watching, listening, and smelling the entertainment, music, and exotic food.

Up in Indianapolis, I enjoyed a day of revisiting all the places I've loved to go to most of my life. Monument Circle was a must see for me. They're doing alot of work right now, but it felt nice to was around there.
One of many statues around the Circle. This one is of Gov. Whitcomb.

Est. 1883, this building is 100yrs older than me, and 6yrs older than the state of Washington. I found a link that tells more about the building if interested.

Indianapolis Artsgarden. This was a nice place to relax after walking around the Circle Center Mall.

Indy's Capital Building.

Hard Rock of Indy. Spendy food, but it was good. I wanted to take pics inside but decided to be nice and not disturb fellow patrons.

Indiana World War Memorial.

This makes homage to the Washington Monument. It sits across from the WWI Memorial.

Sadly, the memorial was closed but I was able to go inside the entryway and found this. It's a remake of the Liberty Bell.

One entrance into the memorial. The writing says, "To commemorate the valor and sacrifice of the land, sea and air forces of the United States and all who rendered faithful and loyal service at home and overseas in the World War; to inculcate a true understanding and appreciation of the privileges of American citizenship; to inspire patriotism and respect for the laws to the end that peace may prevail, justice be administered, public order maintained and liberty perpetuated."

From the WWI Memorial, we went down to a section of the White River State Park over by Ohio St to visit the 9-11 memorial there. This is a view of the canal from the memorial.

This past Sept 11, Indianapolis dedicated the new memorial that included a beam from each tower. Below are plaques which explain what they are for all too well themselves.

The bronze eagle on top of one of the beams looks towards NYC.

The canal is home to several museums and memorials. This one dedicated to IN's Medal of Honor recipients.

Across the way are some sculptures.

The Indiana State Museum with Marcy in the foreground.

*sigh* Just a bit of Indianapolis' skyline close up.

When I was young we spent many holidays with my step-father's family who lived in Indy. I always knew we were getting close when I saw the old Bank One Tower (Currently known as Chase Tower.)
Lastly, I wanted to share a sound I've not heard in 2 years that sounds like home. It's the sounds of cicadas and other insects making all their clamour. It may sound like static on the video, but in person it can get pretty loud. At least in my part of the NW, it's pretty quiet in comparison.

Back Home Again In Indiana: The Family Album

This past September I made a much needed trip out to Indiana to visit family and friends. To say that it was much needed does not even describe in full how necessarry it was for me to visit home. The last time I was out there was after my mom had passed back in Nov '09. I spent a little over 3 weeks leaving in mid December. Back then, I never would have thought it would have taken me so lng to get over in that region again. Inside I can tell that staying away for too long has hindered my healing in some ways because I'm not just grieving the loss of mom, but feeling the emptiness of not having my surviving relatives around also. Thankfully I have seen them and have had some very special moments along with reconnecting with some very good friends as well. It's been one of the best weeks of 2011 for me. Here are just a few of the photos of family taken during this time.

Jesse, Me, Marcy. These are 2 of the loves of my life.
Marcy with a flannel hat I wore off the plane as a joke since the NW is known for their lumber jacks. The hat was accompanied by a matching shirt.  

This is Kiwi, an Indian Ringneck that's been in the family for years.

Kiwi's longtime mate Lily

Sweetpea, another longtime family pet. His hatchday is the 21st of Oct. I can't believe he'll be 11yrs old.

This beautiful bird is Cocoa.


Uhhh.. Hatchet Girl... Please don't ask unless you ask Jesse.

My nephew named his cat Cristal after a character from The Boondocks which was a refference to the champagne. Don't ask me why. I gues he thought it was funny. lol By the time I left, this cat loved me to death and was my little shadow. They say she still waits by the door looking for me to come through it.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Change of Seasons

A little something I wrote and shared on Facebook. Some have seemed to enjoy it.

"Clouds will roll through leaving the sun as a glimmer in our minds, the misty rain will replenish what summer took from the cracked earth, leaves will begin to change to their festive fairwell best, and we will once again return to the season we are known for best. So I will drink up as much as I can of summer before it is known only in picture and faint memories."

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Day At the Beach

This weekend I made a trip to Cannon Beach ,OR  with Kyle for the first time leaving me to wonder why I had waited  so long to ever make it out there before then. We later traveled up to Long Beach, WA enjoying many of the novelties there including some fudge and ice cream (huckleberry cheese cake for me.)

The ocean is such a wonderful place for me. Whenever I smell that fishy salty air, see the rolling and raging waves upon the coast, land my bare feet in the fine grain sand, and place my hands within the chilled Pacific waters, something calls to me and captures my being within it's enchanting grasp. The waves call out a welcome while the cold breeze graces my cheeks with it's cold kiss. I feel welcomed, at peace, and connected to the world at large. Here are a few photos of my trip.

Haystack Rock as I was 1st coming up to it. I found it amazing how beautiful the area is.

The misty lighthouse out on the horizon is Tillamook Rock Lighthouse.

Haystack up close.

Some rocky area before Tillamook Head. I've seen the Northern part of Tillamook Head many times from Seaside. I always wondered what it looked like its Southern side.

Out along a shallow sand embankment that dips semi-deep before being on the beach. There's Kyle heading back. 

What beauty!

After several attempts, I had captured this photo of sandpipers disturbed by the oncoming rush of waves.

After a long time spent upon the beach walking up and down its beautiful coast, we began the trek back to the car. Finding ourselves famished, we began to wander for a place to eat before stumbling upon a coastal favorite of mine. Pig N Pancake. After skimming for some time up and down the menu, my eyes glanced on a unique item called a Razor Clam Burger. I had to order it and am glad I did. It was beyond words how delicious it was and did not lack flavour one bit.

Walking along the streets of Cannon Beach, I found a gallery displaying this painting.

Children creating dams in the receding waters from the Pacific.

A jellyfish holding onto luck in one of those pools of water.

Along our way home, we made a quick stop for something to drink. Upon exiting the car, the bark of sea lions could be heard all around. Before heading back to the vehicle, I had to capture a few in photograph. They were farther out than thought, yet along the docks they can still be made out relaxing in the setting sun.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Overcoming of My Inner Critique

Lately I've been pressing myself to be more expressive artistically. For too long I've let my inner critique overcome my passion. This past week I've been working on a painting. I don't paint much, yet Michael's was having a great deal on canvas and I have been finding a strong desire to dip my brush in paint and see what happens. I've had many ideas in my head and have started several other works, yet this has been the one I have chosen to call finished. I see the imperfections, yet I'm standing back and being happy with what I have accomplished. On Facebook I've been posting a daily photo of where I have been when I've finished for the day. This evening I took the last strokes on the canvas and signed my name. Although painting is suppose to be calming, I initially felt great anxiety. During the formation of the table, flowers, and container, I felt more at ease felling like what I was wanting to convey was beginning to show. I plan to create more finished works as my mind begins to come up with more ideas. There will definitely be some frustration involved, yet I know the more I practice the better I'll be which in turn I hope will lessen the power of the inner critique.