Monday, September 20, 2010

Along My Deck

Fall is upon us here in the Northwest.  I can tell because it has rained everyday for the past 2 weeks it seems.  Thankfully, the sun did come out a little bit this afternoon so I took the time to look out at my garden on the deck and take a few shots. 
The ever thriving Hens and Chicks.
One of several succulents I rescued from Lowes' clearance section this summer.  I got some great deals! 
A group of local succulents I bought at a yard sale a while back.
Rockspray Cotoneaster. This is one of my favorite plants I own. I've thought about making into a bonsai plant sometime.
My thyme is starting to grow like crazy all over again! The rain has been good for something I guess. Ha!
Dianthus. It always makes me think of mom and how amazed we were that hers flowered through most of a really harsh winter we had. These plants are hardy!  
Another hardy plant,the pansy. It has just finished its round of flowering.
I love this stuff. It's purple sage.
Alyssum smells so good! A true mark of summer for me, but it likes the cool fall weather as well.
My ever-thriving mint.
My tomatoes didn't do so well this year. This lil guy is one of only a handful.

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