Saturday, September 18, 2010

Summer 2010

With the incoming splash of autumn color making its way noticeably around town, it is safe to say that summer is soon coming to a close. Yet it's been quite an eventful sunny season for me over all. From taking my first vacation to the Eastern side of Washington, to attending the largest yard sale in Longview, I've had a lot of fun. My biggest accomplishment has been how healthy I've become in the past 5 months. I've lost a lot of weight, but I don't want to give away too many details on this important subject yet. I want to talk about it in a later post. Perhaps in late October when I hope to reach my goal I will finally talk about everything.

These first photos are just a very small sample of all the pictures I took on my only trip ever to Eastern Washington.
The Columbia River while going through the Gorge.

Mt Hood was a common image throughout the trip East.

We quickly went from green, lush, landscape to this arid, dry, desert.
While taking some time to geocache, I stumbled upon this small critter. As I searched along the rocks I noticed these little guys were scrambling all over. I've never seen anything like it before in nature!

Remember what I said about Mt. Hood being the predominant mountain along the trip? We were way out in Maryhill and it still seemed to be so close.

Through one section of our travels, we saw many blackened trees in patches while lush green grasses thrived beneath them.

While in Yakima, one will notice these humongous stacks of fruit crates everywhere... Actually, they're are a constant presence East of the mountains.
We went to George, Washington to take a rest and find a geocache. I went for a swing after exploring this awesome park.

Towards the end of the 1st. day, we stopped in Wenatchee for the night. As I strolled through a local park, I noticed this forest fire that was about 6 miles away.

One of many interesting buildings I visited while in Leavenworth.

We were at Cafe Christa when I took this shot.  One of my greatest achievements was capturing this rare glimpse. I got an authentic smile from Kyle on camera! Although it is very out of focus, I think one can tell it wasn't photo shopped like all those UFO or Bigfoot pictures. It's real, I promise!

Have I ever said I love cheese? They've got cheese from everywhere!
Icicle Ridge adds alot to the Alps/Bavarian feel.
These paintings of what I thought of as "Fairytale Bavaria" were everywhere throughout the town.

Walking along all of the Bavarian inspired buildings, this quaint little church captured my attention. I couldn't get too close because there was construction nearby, but I made sure to take a picture were I could.

Moving on, I did more than just take a trip East I voted!
I got to vote for Kyle on a ballot. He joked about me running against him for Precinct Committee Officer a while back. I chuckled, but honestly, I'd be afraid of what would have happened if I won somehow.  Just so you know, he won by a landslide. Perhaps it's because no one was on the ballot except for him... hmmmm.

One of my biggest obsessions has been buying books at thrift stores and garage sales.
This small set of books were purchased at the Terry Taylor Garage Sale that is held
every year. It's the largest yard sale collective I've ever seen. This year was my 3rd time attending the event. 

Along with some great books, I found these jewels from my childhood. The 6 comics in the back are from the period when the X-Men battled the Phalanx. As a child, I enjoyed reading the whole story so much!

I also took time for this. I consider it a place of remembrance for Mom. The painting of purple irises is something I brought back with me when I returned to Washington back in December. Mom's creativeness blossomed once she retired and this painting is just one of many she has done.

Mom and I in '08

My summer has been a busy one. Along with everything I've shared, I've been working like crazy and have been without a car which has made life more complicated. It's being fixed, but that story could be another blog all itself.  For the short story; the rod barrings went bad, someone stole the catalytic converter, and now I'm waiting on parts. Thank God for nice weather, a bike, and the weightloss that occured out of all of it though!

 One of my only regrets for this past season is that I seriously didn't take much time as I would have liked to reading. I do have a few on my roster of finished books for summer which include: The Time Machine and Other Stories by H.G. Wells, The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan, The Snows of Kilimanjaro And Other Stories by Ernest Hemmingway, and I got halfway through Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris, but it's really not my style of book so I put it down. It wasn't as funny as I had expected it to be.  

Now that the drizzly mists  have come upon us here in the Northwest, perhaps life will slow down a little bit for me and I'll have more time to catch up on my reading. On my Good reads list, I've listed over 77 books I want to read so far!To keep up with what I'm reading, what I 've read, or for the complete list of books I want to read, visit Check out my books on Goodreads:

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