Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The New Year '13

Happy belated New Year everyone!  So many months have gone by without me placing an entry.  Since my last post, my life has made a few turns. They've all been positives though! The biggest one is a change in my career. What a transition it has been! I've not completely made the change mentally, but it is slowly coming to me and I'm looking forward to whatever the future holds. Life is full of constant change, some occur more startling than others, but it's true. Even though I know life is change, I was amazed at how much  I my life by how much as I read through my own blog.  I saw entries about my once barren apartment, the ever evolving garden on the deck,  getting Max and Fanta, and seeing them grow up, posts on vacations taken, the tragic loss of my mother, and posts of finished and unfinished art.  Upon the last entry, I realized the purpose of this blog and how it has become a victim of one of my greatest flaws, my self criticism.

Sadly, I've let it be hard to confront.  I've allowed this self created demon to get in my way, hinder me for so long. I've often times not completed projects, leaving them to collect dust in a drawer or closet. In this new year we're in, I've challenged myself to take on these feelings and overcome them. I'm tired of letting them keep me from my passions and I plan to use that same determination I had losing weight onto my new focus. To kick off this new challenge... After 6 months of in-completion,  I finally made the piece I posted in my last post a completed work and gave it to my friend 2 days ago who made a small scene at the coffee shop upon receiving it. She even cried tears of joy! I'm happy she enjoys it.  :)  I look forward to this new year and what I intend to create out of it!

Something I need to remember!!!
Something to remember!!!