Friday, June 17, 2011

The Betta Collective

Tuesday, Kyle bought a new betta he named Targ who only after 4 hours in his tank plummeted to his death by jumping out and landing on the ground below. I was the one to make the gross discovery when I noticed no fish was in the guy's new home. After searching, I found him already dried to the floor which required me to work a little harder to get the little guy up. The next day, feeling let down about Targ's death (stupid fish), we decided to go out and get another one yet modify the water level in hopes of preventing a repeat of the previous suicide. While searching through Pet Works, I got betta fever and decided I wanted a new one as well. So far, I've has much success in keeping a betta alive for almost a year. Why not get another one? BTW, Kyle felt that he should be able to name the second one he bought Targ since he only had him for a few hours. lol I wish I took a pic of Targ 1 before he went ker-splat.

 We're going with a Star Trek theme for them.  We should call them all Klingon names due to their fierce nature yet we didn't go that route. Below are 3 photos of the fish in the roster. Romulus is the one I've had the longest.
This is Bettazoid. He's a Crown Tail and is one of two new bettas purchased today. His name comes from the the people who live on the planet Bettazed who are called Betazoid. Yes... I am being a nerd with my betta names. lol This is my favorite of him. Cool little guy.

This is the other new betta named Targ as in the Klingon companion/prey on their home world Kronos! :) He is a Dragon Scale betta.

This is Romulus like the planet. lolHe has recently had a name change from Domingo. It didn't fit the S.T. theme and he doesn't know his name. I think it's ok. ;)  Romulus is a real planet in space, yet in the world of ST, it's the home world of the Romulans. ;) I've had this guy for almost a year now. He's done pretty good. In case you were wondering, he is a Veil Tail betta.

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