Saturday, June 18, 2011

Reader Mark

I have a growing list of books I would like to someday say I've read ranging from biographies to classics, sci-fi, history, and modern novels. To help get my ever staggering goal accomplished, I've made a list of books to have done before the summer. Some of my choices are notoriously long like The Count of Monte Cristo yet others should be easily read in a day as in The Life of Pi. I've even thrown in some Ricky Martin as the bio. Yeah, I like Livin' La Vida Loca. Perhaps as I finish each one I'll write my thoughts about each of them.
Here is where I am going to start.

Purgatorio, hmm. I wonder what that's about. ;)

The end of the divine comedy.

I've actually already started this one but looked down at the fine print an saw I've been reading an abridged version. Perhaps I'm uppity, but I don't like reading anything abridged if I can help it. No matter how boring some of those other details are, I want to read them b/c the author put them there. Until I find an unabridged copy I'm reading Dante. I was really enjoying Monte Cristo too.

Neil Gaiman is an incredible author. I've enjoyed other works from him. Some have been from my early teens like his Sandman series. Those stories kind of weirded me out at times.

Sue me. I like Ricky Martin. :P

Everyone I know who has read it says it's a good read. We shall see.

I bought this book b/c of the hilarious title and cover. I hope if proves to be as funny as it looks.

Book 1 of 3. I'm excited to see more of Dax although I enjoyed the character more with its former host, Jadzea.

Yes. Another epic... I hope I can make time for this one too.

Here are a few of my ever increasing collection of books.

Here are even more. This isn't even all I have, but it is most of it. I've probably read 20% of the books in this bookcase. Forgive the poor lighting quality.  
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