Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Love:Kayaking

As I opened my eyes and listened to the alarm chiming for me to break out of sleep today, I awoke to realise the reality of an agreement I had made the day before. Yesterday when I woke up I would have never imagined what I would be doing today. It wasn't till after I had gotten off work for the evening that I received a call from a friend asking me something I thought was kind of spontaneous (at least for me) and thrilling. I was asked to go kayaking. Never have I been (I've not done alot apparently from all my 1st time posts) yet I was willing to give it a try.  The rest of the evening I was excited to go on a new adventure and explore something different.

 Reality smacked me in the head as I was laying in bed this morning, my heart's tempo increased slightly and my mind began to fill with a few what ifs. What if I tipped over and drowned due to not being able to get out? What if I got hit by a barge? What if I fell out and got swept away by some strong undertow in the Columbia and drowned? These weren't strong fears, yet they were something I contemplated for a moment at best a second time while we arrived to our destination.

As I was suited up and slipped in to my kayak, apprehensions were alleviated as I situated myself to this unique setting in the water. "Think of doing the hula to keep your balance" a staff reminded me, "and relax." I made this my mantra a few times and herein began my adventure along the Scappoose Bay and my new found love for kayaking.

My friend Brian relaxing for a moment along the bay.

I was hoping to capture a few pictures of the huge birds nesting in the tops of these trees. Staff said it was the first time in 10 yrs there has been access to this area by kayak due to the river being so high.

I thought it'd be cool to have a picture of this.

This is where we went.

I found this humorous.

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  1. I was so happy to see that you had included photos with your narrative! Kayaking has always looked so peaceful to me.