Sunday, June 27, 2010

My New Car!

TA DA!!!!

It's a Bat Mobile!!!!!!

Isn't she a beauty?!!!! Too bad this eye catcher isn't my car.

This is my new car.  It's a '94 Mercury Sable. 
It's a great running car and drives real smooth like a Bonneville I once had. I've been looking around for a car and haven't felt right about any I've really seen. I feel good about this car even though there may be a few small things that need fixed. Now I'm on 4 wheels again. I've lost alot of weight since riding my bike everywhere and the weight loss is going to continue. I've not blogged alot lately, but there will be a doing one  soon about how much I've lost and maybe a few before and after pics.  I looked at a picute of myself yesterday from last year and I can not believe how different I look already.

This is it for now.  Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Day Zero List (101 in 1000)

I've debated about making an official list of things I'd like to accomplish. Yet after almost 7 months, I've finally started one on Day Zero. You can check my list in progress here. (updated link on 1-3-2012)  Let me know if you have a list too and give me some feedback if you'd like!