Friday, June 12, 2009

Something I Made Today...

This is a split fryer breast I cooked. I butter fly cut it, stuffed it with an artichoke, egg, cottage cheese, sour dough, herb stuffing. I then used the rest of my fresh herbs I got out off the deck and put them on the top of it along with some dried italian herb mix, and drizzled it with extra virgin olive oil.

This is a berry strata I made also... pre-cooked. your suppose to let it marinate from 4 to 14 hours. It's got riccota, egg, sourdough, melted butter and honey along with a lil grape juice (the recipe calls for oj.. didn't have any on hand) and of course a berry mix. I used some frozen berries that were thawed. I've messed with the recipe a lil, but here's a link to where I got the recipe.

Ta Da!!!

This is it after it was cooked. I wanted to consume it right then but had to rush to work. The stuffing was really good. I think next time I'm going to think of using something with a tart flavour when it comes to cheese. Maybe goat cheese. I tried some the other day and it was actually really good. I think it would go well with the sour dough bread.

I ate it with some brown rice with lemon pepper. Yum!

This is the berry strata. It's really good! It's almost like a bread pudding. I suggest some vanilla ice cream with it after it's cooled a bit. I'm glad I finally made this dish. This has been something I've been meaning to make for months!

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  1. Dang man, you seem like a natural! You should go to culinary school. I am pretty sure Clark has a good program. If you ever need someone to help taste-test your food, let me know!