Saturday, June 13, 2009

Family Vacation Blog #3

On one of our days together in the North West, my family, Kyle, and myself went to Mt. St. Helens.What an awesome day it was!

We were standing in front of a house was near completion before the devestating eruption of 1980.

Here are a few pictures of the house, before and after.

Big Foot!

As we came farther up the mountain, we could see more and more signs of the fury this now timid volcano has released not so long ago.

Here we are by a stump that is a reminder of the power of the mountain. The rest of the tree was blown away by the sheer force of the exploding giant.

Within the Johnston Ridge Center, you can learn alot about the mountain from it's explosive past to how it's fairing today.

This was a demonstration of how far the explosion went.

Marcy, Jess, and Kyle. Beind them is a stump they enclosed within the Center.

Sadly, on this foggy day there was little visibility of the mountain. 

We all had a great time anyway.

A woman was kind enough to tall us a little about the vegetation on the Mountain, and also invite to take our picture.

Behind a ridge, one can see Spirit Lake.

If you look close enough, you can see a speck on the trail.  That's Marcy and Jess. We wanted to all go see where those trails led, but were too scared we'd fall off the sides somehow.

There they are!

Within all the photos I sent back home with my family, I gave them this one as well. It was a photo I had taken actually two weeks before they had come out.  Mom thought this was a beautiful picture.  Next time my family comes out, I hope they get a view like this one.   

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