Saturday, June 13, 2009

Family Vacation Blog # 2

Next stop was the beach. Marcy has been over the Atlantic ocean a few times, but has never got to touch it. So this is both of their's first time touching an ocean. We went to Longbeach, WA first. I was kinda bummed because it was so foggy on our way there. It was so foggy we couldn't see the huge 4 mile long bridge spanning the Columbia River when we were right by it. Driving on it, we couldn't see a boat or even the river it's self!

This is not long afer we got off the bridge. You can see in the background the heavy fog. I want to stop by this lil church someday and tour it. It just looks cool to me.
A lil while later we finally arrived at Longbeach. It was still foggy but later cleared up a bit. We decided to have a great time any way.
After I took this pic, the waves washed it away. You can see the wave starting to come that washed it all away.

This was a pic Jesse wanted me to take. He really liked the sea gulls. His favorite thing was to chase them and feed'em.

Jesse really had a great time at the beach. He never wanted to let on like he was, but he didn't hide it well. I knew this would be one of his favorite places.

Who can go to Longbeach and not go say hi to Jake at Marshe's Free Museum?

Next stop was Seaside, OR. This is actually where I first saw the ocean. We wandered from shop to shop, bought a few things, then ate at Pig N' Pancake. The beer battered fish n' chips and clam chowder are great! We then made our way up the street to the sign below. While here, we saw the first jelly fish the fam or I had ever seen! I kind of freaked out fearing they were everywhere. I was the furthest one out so that added to me kind of freaking out. lol I wish I took a pic of it, but being out in the ocean I don't think it's a good idea to have electronics. :)

This statue is of Lewis and Clark. It was the end of the line of the expedition here and the statue marks that as a memorial.

When I saw Elvis, I told Marcy we needed to take a pic of her with him. We know a lady who is in love with Elvis name Anita. I told Marcy to go back home and show this to her and say 'Eat your heart out Anita, He's mine.' lol
This is on the side of the Seaside Aquarium. Bellow is the sign explaining what's behind them.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the whole trip. I love Jesse's face. Every time I see it I smile.

The family and I by the ocean.

This was on the boardwalk. We were having so much fun It was getting ready to be a heavy rain and it was time to go. The winds were picking up, hitting us in the face, and clung to our soaked legs and feet as you can tell. lol

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