Friday, May 13, 2011

A Cheeseburger Sounds Good Right About Now...

Monday was a day I dreaded, but really don't remember all too well. It was a day I am glad is finally over with, yet am now dealing with the aftermath. What took place was something I feared would feel like, well, teeth being pulled, yet wasn't so bad in the moment... I had dental work done and yes, teeth were pulled. To be more precise, I no longer have any wisdom teeth. It's day 5 since the dreaded event.  I'm doing alright other than my mouth feeling a little sore (gums and teeth ache.) Yesterday was the first time I ate something not in liquid form. It was a simple piece of bread which I soon found out wasn't so simple for someone in my condition. The end result was throbbing pain in my teeth and gums, and me getting a bowl of soup to soften the bread enough to not have to chew it.

When one's only way of obtaining nutrition is through liquid/mushy (non-chewing) form, it doesn't take long to realize how creativity takes place of simple snacking. I've learned that instant mashed potatoes and golden mushroom soup go perfectly mixed together as a delicious meal. I've also learned that slimfast is more about fasting than anything else b/c there's not really enough of it to be filling, and Jello makes a great nearby companion.
I've collected quite a bit of Jello during one health-nut idea I had to snack on more of the cold gooey substance for weight loss a while ago. I stocked and stocked the little boxes and placed them neatly compacted together in one cupboard. Days, weeks, and even a few months have been charted since I made my splurge. My collection was still there perfectly stacked together yet hidden behind some other goodies I have found require less stirring, chilling,  and waiting. I now realize I was just stockpiling for this torturous week unaware I would need even more than my hoarded treasures to satisfy my cravings.

I've been quite fatigued (possibly from starvation) but I'm pushing through it when I have to.  I've taken a few days off to recover, but was asked to come in to work yesterday. I was exhausted midway through longing for the couch, my blanket, and something filling to eat (Oh for the ability to eat solid food!!!) yet I pressed on. Upon finally arriving home, I made sure to satisfy my hunger as well as one can with liquidy nutrition, enjoyed some downtime, and joyfully said hello to my pillow soon afterwards hoping to dream about eating non-mushy food with some success.  Today I've spent my time relaxing as much as possible doing nothing exciting to anyone.  I'm still day dreaming about solid food... salivating over the thought of a cheeseburger (I deserve it) as I eat my bowl of fat free/ sugar free cheesecake pudding.

I hope everyone has a great weekend full of delicious chewy/crunchy/meaty foods. Until next time, ciao.

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