Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The New Litter Kinda Life.

The cats are getting bigger everyday. It's insane that they're about almost 4 months old! They're very curiouse, playful, and loving. I'm really glad we got them and don't know how I did it without their unconditional adoration. lol Really though, these cats love to be loved.

This was taken just a few moments ago. Max was asleep on my lap (one of his fave. things to do). The flash kinda woke him up.

Fanta reminds me of a black panther. She's very agile and does acrobatics and runs off walls. No joke! I love to see her when she gets all wound up and running everywhere! She's also the more timid one.

This was taken a few mornings ago.

And THIS is one of the new arrivals. Max and Fanta's new siblings.

This is the whole litter! Rosa had them right outside my friend Meghann's room!

This is a cousin to mine. I think he looks a lil like Max.

This is house we got Max and Fanta from. It's becoming a cat house indeed. 15 cats, mostly kittens! That number comes after getting rid of 4 already (the father of most of'em being one) ... btw, if you would like one I'm sure I can hook you up! They need good homes! lol

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