Thursday, July 30, 2009

the Smokey Horizon Kinda Life.

On top of these record high temps we've been having to deal with wildfires around the area. They're far enough away to not directly affect our safety but we see the evidence of them in our horizon. Huge pillars of smoke have risen to the sky. Some of it looks like clouds, but our skies have been pretty cloudless lately in these 100+ deg. days. . It's made our horizons very hazy also. I've taken the liberty to take a few pics from the past few days to share some of the amazing billows of smoke.

So I thought this was a very interesting picture I took on the 28th of this month. I've never seen plumes of smoke like this before. Last year we had a few fires, but I never saw it look like this. This looked more like a volcano eruption than some wildfire smoke.

This picture was taken right outside my apartments. Actually I'm on the second flight of stairs when I thought I had a pretty good shot of this.

Driving down the road on Industrial Way I believe.

This a picture of some smoke from another wildfire.

In a very small amount of time you could tell how quick the smoke was rising up.

Some more smoke on the horizon.

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