Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chehalis Cache Machine

Yesterday I attended my very first Cache Machine ever.  I've never spent so much time at once caching in my life, but it was alot of fun.  The caches I liked the most were not really because of the cache container, but because of where it took me. It's funny how a container can be so ordinary yet possess something of value to it. There were a few that had historical value that I enjoyed like the Jackson House Estate (GC189W8) or the Cowlitz Mission (GCW2HH.) I was excited about the Clan MacLeod cache (GC21CKZ) because a "Kyle Cache" was on the list and also it has an awesome view during the none rainy/foggy season.  I've actually posted in one of my earlier blogs pictures from that same area.

There were several other ones I enjoyed as well around the Centralia and Chehalis area.  I'll definitly be going back to finish the list of caches I've not found yet on the list and also doing some more touring around. I think the most interesting tidbit I learned yesterday was that Winlock, Washington was the first established town in the state of Washington!  The town that possesess the world's largest egg has some actual interesting historical value. Who would have ever thought that?

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