Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Along the Columbia

Today started out a little chilly, but quickly warmed up as I strolled along the Columbia River today. Here are a few photos I took while at Willow Grove enjoying the sun and view.
An empty clamshell dancing in the waves.  
 Remnants of a gull's last stop.

A round pumice stone that looks like a small meteor or moon. The beach is littered with these guys. Actually, all the white little rocks in the sand you see in prev. pictures are pumice. Whenever I see them I think of the great trek they took from the Mt. St. Helens eruption where it was created to where it rests in the sand today.

I love the green on these patches of moss.  

  The water is normally around a foot from the top of these poles when I usually come out here. I've never seen the tide out so low.   

Waves a passing boat created.  

The river gives up many items along Willow Grove.  It amazes me how large some of them are!

I thought this silvery white stump was pretty cool.  It changed to a darker grey depending where I was looking. On the horizon in this same picture you can also see a small snow-capped Mt. St. Helens. It almost looks like a puffy white cloud 

Have you lost a part of your fence? Here it is!

I loved the colors of the bark on these two trees.

Snowy Mount Saint Helens. 

I also took a few pictures of some trees blooming. What a contrast from the picture of Mt. St. Helens!
I welcome the sight of Spring.  It's almost here!

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