Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January's Inspiration So Far

I said in my last post that I had made a list of resolutions.  One resolution was to read at least one book a month.  Another I have in mind is similar because it is continuous on a monthly
basis and that is to paint at least one picture a month.  I've marked off the one book and am planning a second. Starting out with the other goal, I can honestly say that I've done quite well in making it a successful task as well.
I was inspired by a painting I saw in a store and decided to paint my
own interpretation. I'm thinking of continuing this out into two additional panels.
I really like these type of paintings with the birds
in the branches in a postcard type
theme. I plan to make several more like this.
The mural (or whatever it should be called). My friend Jennilee did the branches and
told me to use my creativity with the rest.

I have previously painted a second bird very similar to this
in a tree on the other side of the room.
I think this mouse and toadstool are my favorite part.

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