Monday, January 2, 2012


It has been over 2 months since I have posted anything. I was going through a real tough time internally dealing with the grief this general time of the year delivers me any more. Initially I didn't recognise what was going on. I kept up appearances, tried to not let it overtake me, but internally I felt a mess.  Grief, no matter if it happened today or how many years ago, is a process. It has it's ups and downs. I don't let my loss rule my life, but I won't deny the pain it can bring.  I've remembered to enjoy the good times and not let saddness get the best of me though.  My feet kept moving forward to finally cross the threshold of a new year and here it is the 2nd day of 2012.

Looking back this past year, I've been very content with how 2011 was over all a great year.  It has been a year of building stronger relationships with family and friends, becoming more sure of the person I am/growing up, and even professionally I have grown and have learned so much. I've made many mistakes, but I have learned something ,hopefully, by most of them. 'To err is human', but thank God there is more to life than failure.  I sit and wonder both timid and optimistic about what lies ahead this coming year. 

Sunrise from my apartment 1-2-12

The other night I stayed up to write down a few resolutions. I planned on just a few like 'be more organized' or 'take off the remaining excess weight I have.'  When I had completed my list, I had a page FULL of realistic goals I hope to cross off.  One of the bigger ones is making plans to go back to college in the Fall. I strongly desire to accomplish this.  Over 2 years after I initially began college, I am still undecided although I have given some thought in doing something in the field I am currently in some way.  Although it can be tough at times, I do enjoy it over all and it has been very fulfilling. A few more are to paint a picture and read a book at least once a month, consistently write at least once weekly and progressively bump it up to more, and take a trip somewhere like California or Canada (2 places I've never been.) Boy, there sure are alot more I could list too.

You may be wondering what my resolution is for this year on my blog. Well,  I plan to not make empty promises concerning future posts, but I would like to be more consistent in posting.  Perhaps I may take a new approach to sharing on here as well.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and enjoyed New Years.  May your new year bring many great things to come.

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