Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Crafty Self

If my life were judged by my activity on here, the conclusion would easily be that I need to get out and live! Thankfully, this sad conclusion would be false. I've been quite busy on several projects, and life has been quite busy. I previously shared a 3 panel painting I simply titled, Koi. Since then, I've completed a mural, several crafty things. I impatiently waited for spring to get here while I started a few seedlings inside and improved on my craftiness. These photos aren't in chronological order, and are just a tad bit of all I've been up to these past several months.

One of several doodles I've done. This is one of my favorite! I love my cats!

One of several murals I've completed. This is actually my first big painting I've done. Since this photo, I've added a few squirells, and an owl.

Upclose of the blue bird.

The this and the following photo are my first two
attempts of antiquing items. the light blue
birdhouse is my favorite.

Recent sign I completed. This is my best lettering I've done yet.

This was a really easy wreath idea I had. I should do a How-To post.

Another recent item I had bought at a yardsale.
This jar w/lid was $1! I hated the lid, so I decided
to antique the top. It was really easy and I think it
turned out really well. I think I'm starting to get better.

This is the color of the top. I left the underneath unchanged.

I've seen these sold for $35 or more! I made mine for well under 5 dollars.
The frame was something I found at an estate sale for 25 cents. I had
paints, and the staple gun already. The chicken wire was given to me
but a whole roll was around 8 dollars if bought at the store.
 I may make a few more to sell!

I live up on the 3rd floor of an apartment building so
I don't have much of a yard. While waiting for spring
to make it's way to the NW, I decided to bring a little
greenery/feel of a yard indoors. I've made a few of

Another first for me: starting a garden indoors from scratch. 

I'm a little obsessed with country/rustic/birdhouse type items. lol

I made this out of yard sticks I bought at Lowes'.
It's uneven, but has character.

My 'yard' out front.  This is just the beginning!

This is the start of a mural I did for a friend. I had dedicated myself to
for well over a month. The finished project is too personal to post online,
but the people I did it for really enjoy it.  

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