Saturday, May 26, 2012

There's A Snake In My Boot

I've been working on a project for some time helping a young friend of mine decorate his room. I did the mural in the previous post for him, painted, and now I'm working on decorations. I'm on a slim budget so I've been finding inexpensive projects to do that will hopefully pull everything I'm doing together. Last night, Kyle and I were busy for several hours working on most of the items seen below. The only thing not done last night were the bird houses.  I had alot of fun doing the signs and so did Kyle. He did the green sign and also helped paint the stars and the colors on all the signs. I'm contemplating on making a whole bunch of the signs and the chicken wire frames to sell.  I also tea stained an American flag as well. It's not as dark as I'd like so I'm going to try coffee staining it next.  No pic, sorry!
This little kitten is the newest addition to the family.
His name is Targ and he is a handful! Kept knocking down my display! lol

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